Fashion District


Fashion District is a hub of fashion and entertainment not just for Toronto, but for the entirety of Canada.

This relatively small neighbourhood has everything needed for a true fashionista to fall in love. From trendy boutiques to heritage shops, the Fashion District is a juicy mix of the world’s hottest fashion trends. Once solely a wholesale and manufacturing district, it remains Toronto’s best source of fabric. Today, a major part of those warehouses have become clothing outlets, artists’ studios, galleries, publishers, software and tech companies’ offices and lofts. In addition, the Fashion District sets the heartbeat rhythm for Toronto’s music community as well, with myriad venues for live performances ranging from rock to jazz. With a perfect walk score and rider’s score of 100, the Fashion District is an amazing destination for people who value their time.




Why do we love Fashion District?

It is impossible not to feel the positive vibe of this neighbourhood. Boring, dull business suits don’t work here: be prepared for Anthropologie, Frank & Oak or Angela Milana’s latest collections, chic haircuts, red lipstick, high heels, lots of laughter and good times!

Describe A Perfect Day in Fashion District

Visiting the Fashion District is like a holiday for us, because…well, who doesn’t like shopping?! Doesn’t matter if it’s a crisp winter or hot summer morning, we always find ourselves stopping at Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters first thing. Then comes the shopping!  Here is a small tip for anyone not familiar with shopping in a big city: it is more enjoyable in the morning since most of the crowd comes in the evening. We will include just some of our favourite stores, otherwise it will take an eternity to write them all here. First comes the Lorne’s, one of Toronto’s most famous destinations for coats. After that we might go to shoe shopping at Getoutside. You will find YOUR pair of shoes here. At lunch time, there is no better place than Queen Mother Cafe, which follows the Torontonian trend of Victorian-Bohemian cafe/bars and you can get full here for just $9!  Then… brace yourselves!  Here comes shopping, round two!  We’ll start at Classy Collection for stylish office duds, then a small break at Victoria Memorial Park. Yes, the Fashion District has some green space too!   After finishing our shopping adventure at Fashionably Yours, we always jump into our favourite southern Italian restaurant, Gusto 101, to have a relaxing dinner accompanied by $1-an-ounce wine. If we still have the energy to catch a movie, there is a Scotiabank Theatre, which is one of central Toronto’s few large cinemas. Phew, what a day!

One Thing Someone Looking to Live in Fashion District Should Know

The Fashion District is teeming with youth and vitality. Young artists and professionals work within walking distance from home and they are willing to stay here, because the neighbourhood has literally everything needed for young families.



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Ryerson Community School

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