Little Portugal



Portugal and Brazil have merged into one small planet in the downtown of Toronto’s galaxy.

Soccer, samba, coffee, parties, authentic food and smiling faces combine to create a magical atmosphere here, filling the air and nourishing the soul. Little Portugal was established in the 50’s and 60’s, when immigrants from Brazil and Portugal settled down in this particular area and transformed it into largest Portuguese speaking community in Canada. Despite the stereotype that Little Portugal is home only to Portuguese or Brazilians, neighbourhood evolves each day. With young professionals moving closer to the downtown core and the Portuguese speaking community slowly moving to suburbs, this neighbourhood warmly welcomes new people and, at the same time, keeps its unique atmosphere. Also, with the walk score of 88 and transit score of 99, Little Portugal is 25th most walkable neighbourhood in Toronto.




Why do we love Little Portugal?

It is a font of Portuguese and Brazilian culture right in downtown Toronto!

Describe a Perfect Day in Little Portugal

Bom dia! A good morning always starts with a good breakfast. However, rather than the Canadian idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, breakfast in Portugal and Brazil tends to be slightly lighter, because Brazilians and Portuguese consider lunch to be the main meal.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do, so let’s stop at Grain, Curd & Bean, one of the countless bakeries found in Little Portugal, for one of the best selections of bread, cheese and coffee available on Dundas West. After a light but satisfying breakfast, we’ll take a leisurely walk along Dundas West to explore the shopping options here. According to the Globe and Mail and BlogTO, shopping is top rated in Little Portugal, offering you a wide range of goods: from chocolate specialty stores to home decor stores. At the same time, the area is mostly residential, so the variety of shopping options is a good bonus for those who consider buying real estate here. For lunch, it’s to the gorgeous Painted Lady Restaurant for a sumptuous repast: rabbit roulade, ricotta-filled spinach tortellini, sunchoke velouté, and shaved truffles paired with a glass of Anderson Family Chardonnay Dundee Hills 2011. If you are reading this and your mouth is watering, wait no longer and head on in, staff is always glad to greet new visitors!  Then, as we are art lovers, we will definitely visit the Loop Gallery and the “Milk Glass” to discover new amazing exhibitions they always have out there. Both places are cozy, intimate and bohemian. Where to go for dinner? This one is a no brainer. The recently opened Harry Potter themed bar, The Lockhart, is located right in the heart of Little Portugal. If you are one of those people  who never stopped hoping for an owl to show up with a Hogwarts acceptance letter, don’t miss this chance, because you might get one here!  The menu in the bar is low on thematic references, but high on flavour: mac ’n’ cheese croquette sandwiches, flavoured popcorn, citrusy prawns and many more. In addition, staff told us that they might have a Butterbeer in the future, if it’s not copyrighted, of course.

One Thing to Know about Living in Little Portugal?

Besides the great location, variety of different stores, restaurants, bakeries, patios and art galleries, Little Portugal offers you some of the nicest schools in Toronto such as Ossington/Old Orchard Junior Public, Shirley Street Public, St. Helen’s Catholic and Alexander Muir-Gladstone Avenue Public schools, which are located right in the neighbourhood.


Shirley Street Junior Public School,

38 Shirley St.,

(416) 393-9270


St. Helen Junior Catholic School,

School Rank by Fraser Institute,

1196 College St.,

(416) 393-5208


Alexander Muir/Gladstone Ave Public School,

School Rank by Fraser Institute,

108 Gladstone Ave.,

(416) 393-9140




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