Trinity Bellwoods


Trinity Bellwoods is a central Toronto neighbourhood well-known for its park. Runners, cyclists, hipsters, readers and lovers congregate on its green lawns, tennis courts, hockey rink and soccer fields. This neighbourhood is a place you’ll want to visit again and again.

Trinity Bellwoods greets you with bohemian breath along Queen Street West, with the flavour of Little Portugal to the West and and Little Italy to the North. In the 1920s Trinity Bellwoods became home to many immigrants of various nationalities including large Ukrainian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Italian and Chinese communities.  These days, many young professionals choose Trinity Bellwoods as their home, making this area incredibly diverse and unique.




Why do we love Trinity Bellwoods?

While Queen Street is known for its art flavour and culinary masterpieces and Ossington Avenue has one of the highest concentrations of bars and nightclubs, Trinity Bellwoods is a sweet, cozy mix of everything.

Describe a Perfect Day in Trinity Bellwoods

How do we start our morning in Trinity Bellwoods? With a killer blueberry lemon cheesecake at Toronto’s legendary Dufflet bakery, of course! If one pastry entry is not enough (and it’s clearly not enough for us), we might walk to Clafouti to drown in their strawberry-rhubarb tarts and die happy. To burn off those calories, we will definitely stroll to the incredible Trinity Bellwoods Park. If you don’t appreciate art and culture, you probably won’t like this park, because regular art installations, shows and cultural events (and white squirrels!) make it one of the most special, creative spaces in the GTA. Depending on our mood, we have two options: active and lazy. If we choose the active one, we go for sports: soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, bicycle polo or hockey (during winter). With option #2, we want to give you a small life hack: at 198 Walnut Street near the southeast entrance you can can find the Trinity Tuck Shop which rents out racquets, blankets and mini games. And wait, did we mention that it is dog friendly both on and off leash?

For lunch, Saving Grace is a great lunch spot with fresh, cheap and unique dishes. After the quick lunch, we will walk one more time through the park to enjoy all the new art installations which are always being added year-round, then visit some of the art galleries found steps away on Queen West. Our favourite one is Magic Pony and it is more than just a gallery:  On top of displaying great pop and urban artists, it’s also an amazing place to shop for unique gifts, especially for the toy-loving young-at-heart crowd. Among the myriad dinner options, we’d like to highlight Boralia restaurant, which gives everyone a lesson on historical Canadian foods… and it’s not just about poutine or butter tarts. Intriguing? Very!  If we still have some time and energy, we might go grab tickets for the Factory Theatre. This place is notable for bringing new Canadian voices to the stage, which always brings the audience new experiences.

One thing to Know about Living in Trinity Bellwoods

Forget about your car! Everything is easily accessible on foot: stunning park, vibrant arts scene, retail, restaurants, cafes and even a small brewery. The neighbourhood walk score is 94 and transit score is 99 making it the 9th most walkable neighbourhood in Toronto.


Charles G. Fraser Junior Public School,

School Rank by Fraser Institute,

79 Manning Ave.,

(416) 393-1830


Givins/Shaw Junior Public School,

School Rank by Fraser Institute,

49 Givins St.,

(416) 393-1240


Alexander Muir/Gladstone Junior & Senior Public School,

School Rank by Fraser Institute,

108 Gladstone Ave.,

(416) 393-9140


Central Commerce Collegiate,

School Rank by Fraser Institute,

570 Shaw St.,

(416) 393-0030


Senhor Santo Cristo Catholic School,

30 Humbert St.,

(416) 393-5367


St. Mary Catholic School,

School Rank by Fraser Institute,

20 Portugal Square,

(416) 393-5205



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